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Jinxian Wang

Jinxian Wang, PhD candidate in Economics at Institute of Tax Law and Economics
Jinxian Wang

Jinxian Wang was born on 30 May, 1988 in Huangmei, Hubei province, China. In 2006, she started her bachelor study in Economics at Qingdao Technological University in Qingdao, Shandong province, China. She received her bachelor’s degree in 2010, and was awarded the title ‘Excellent Graduate of Shandong Province’. In the same year, she was admitted by the Central University of Finance and Economics in Beijing as a master student in the major of Public Finance.  Upon graduation in 2012, Jinxian Wang started work as a PhD candidate at the Department of Economics, Leiden University, funded by the Chinese Scholarship Council. Her PhD project is part of the research programme ‘Reform of Social Legislation’.

Key publications

  • Social assistance and minimum income benefits: Benefit levels, replacement rates and policies across 26 OECD countries, 1990-2009. European Journal of Social Security, 3, forthcoming. (2016) Wang, J., and Van Vliet, O.
  • Development of Minimum Livelihood Guarantee programs in urban China: An empirical analysis based on 31 regions over 2003-2013. China Journal of Social Work, forthcoming. (2015) Wang, J. and Bai, Y.