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Julia Sloth-Nielsen

Professor Julia Sloth-Nielsen, Professor Children’s Rights in the Developing World at Private Law, Leiden Law School
Julia Sloth-Nielsen

Prof Sloth-Nielsen is an expert on children’s rights, focussing on the African context. She is 2nd vice chair of the African Committee of Experts on the Rights and Welfare of the Child.

Key publications

  • The Constitutional Family: Developments in South African Child and Family Law 2003-2013 (2014) J. Sloth-Nielsen, B van Heerden
  • Children’s Rights and Parental Authority: African Perspectives (Routledge Handbook of Family law and Policy) (2014) J Sloth-Nielsen, J Ekelaar, G. Reds
  • The Lesotho Child Care and Protection Act and orphans and vulnerable children” in B. Atkin (ed) International Survey of Family Law Jordan Publishing (2014) J. Sloth-Nielsen
  • A maturing manifesto: children’s rights under the South African Constitution 2008-2012 (2013) J. Sloth-Nielsen, H. Kruuse
  • Deprivation of liberty 'as a last resort' and for the 'shortest period of time': How far have we come? and can we do better? (2013) J. Sloth-Nielsen