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Koen Caminada

Prof. C.L.J. Caminada, Professor of Empirical Analysis of Social and Tax Policy at Leiden University and Scientific Director at Institute of Tax Law and Economics
Koen Caminada

Koen Caminada (1966) is Professor of Empirical Analysis of Tax and Social Policy at Leiden University, the Netherlands. He is Scientific Director of the Leiden Institute of Tax Law and Economics. His research interests include Empirical Analysis of Tax Law and Social Policy, Social Security, Fiscal and Tax Policy, Income Distribution and Poverty (EU and OECD). Caminada holds a PhD from Leiden University (1997), and studied Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam (1986-1992) and the Catholic University Leuven, Belgium (1991-1992). He is director of the research programme ‘Reform of social security’ at Leiden University. Caminada is a research fellow at Leiden Law School, and Network for Studies on Pensions, Aging and Retirement. He is member of the board of Governors of the Foundation of International Studies on Social Security, member of the Dutch Tax Committee, and Academic Partner of CPB Netherlands Bureau of Economic Policy Analysis. 

Key publications