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Lalin Kovudhikulrungsri

Ms. L. Kovudhikulrungsri, PhD Candidate in Air and Space Law at Institute of Public Law
Lalin Kovudhikulrungsri

Lalin Kovudhikulrungsri is a PhD candidate at the International Institute of Air and Space Law, Leiden University. She is also lecturer at Thammasat University, Thailand. During her stay in Leiden, Lalin attended the Hague Academy of International Law in 2015 and the Center for the Study of European Contract Law International Summer School on Contract Law in a Liberal Society in 2016.

She completed her Bachelor’s degree in law with second class honours from Thammasat University and passed the bar exam. She was awarded a scholarship from the Anandamahidol Foundation, Thailand, to pursue her studies in air and space law for master’s and doctoral study. She obtained the LL.M. degree from the Institute of Air and Space Law, McGill University, Canada. 

Key publications

  • Aviation Legal Issues in Indonesia and Thailand: Towards Better Passengers’ Rights in ASEAN, Indonesia Law Review Vol. 7(1), Indonesia (2017) Kovudhikulrungsri, L.
  • What Legal Measures should ASEAN Apply to Help the Rohingya? (2015) Kovudhikulrungsri, L.
  • Liability Regime of International Space Law: Some Lessons from International Nuclear Law, Journal of East Asia & International Law Vol. 4 (2011) Kovudhikulrungsri, L.