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Laura Lancée

Lancée L, MA, LL.M, Indonesia Coordinator at Interdisciplinary Study of the Law
Laura Lancée

I am currently working at Leiden Law School as project and development adviser, primarily working on the promotion of Leiden-Indonesia cooperation.

I am not new to Leiden Law school, as I was policy officer for research and interim-head at the Meijers Institute/Graduate School  from 2002 until 2009. Before that  I completed two degrees in Leiden, resulting in a Master in Indonesian Language and Culture, and an LL.M in criminal law. I began my career as assistant-editor to an Indonesian-Dutch Legal Dictionary, and project manager of international legal projects in several countries at the Centre for International Legal Cooperation (1994-2002). Between 2009 and 2015 I took a break from Leiden and went to work in The Hague as both a research funder NWO, coordinating funding schemes and assessment rounds of Indian and Chinese projects, and at the Hague Institute for Global Justice.