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Marco Bronckers

Prof. Dr. M.C.E.J. Bronckers, Professor of WTO and European Law at Institute of Public Law and Partner at Partner, VVGB Advocaten/Avocats, Brussels, Belgium
Marco Bronckers

Marco Bronckers (1956) received his legal education at the University of Amsterdam, and the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor). He practiced law in the United States and the Netherlands, following an internship with the European Commission's Legal Service. In 1990 he moved to Brussels, where he now practices with his own law firm VVGB. Since 1997 he holds the chair of WTO and EU law at the University of Leiden. 

Key publications

  • China Raw Materials – A Controversial Step towards Evenhanded Exploitation of Natural Resources, 13 WORLD TRADE REVIEW 393-408 (Issue 2) (2014) Marco Bronckers, Keith Maskus
  • Reconsidering Financial Remedies in WTO Dispute Settlement, 16 JOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC LAW 281-311 (Issue 2) (2013) Marco Bronckers, Freya Baetens
  • Is the EU Obliged to Improve the Protection of Trade Secrets? An Inquiry into TRIPS, the European Convention on Human Rights and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, 34 EUROPEAN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY REVIEW 673-688 (Issue 10) (2012) Marco Bronckers, Natalie McNelis
  • No Longer Presumed Guilty? – The Impact of Fundamental Rights on certain Dogmas of EU Competition Law, 44 WORLD COMPETITION 535-570 (No. 4) (2011) Marco Bronckers, Anne Vallery
  • The Relationship of the EC Courts with Other International Tribunals: Non-Committal, Respectful or Submissive? 44 COMMON MARKET LAW REVIEW 601-627 (No. 3) (2007) Marco Bronckers