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Marieke Liem

Dr. M.C.A. Liem, Associate Professor at Leiden University
Marieke Liem

Marieke Liem is conducting research as a Marie Curie Fellow at the Program in Criminal Justice Policy and Management (PCJ) at Harvard Kennedy School (HKS). Her research interests involve domestic homicide, homicide by the mentally ill, homicide followed by suicide, criminal careers of homicide offenders, and international comparative research in lethal violence. In her research on homicide followed by suicide, she studied numerous familicides: The killing of multiple family members, often followed by suicide of the perpetrator.

Her current research at Harvard University, financed by the European Union, enables her to study recidivism of homicide offenders. In this study she explores the relationship between life events, the criminal career, and length of imprisonment on recidivism among homicide offenders. After one and a half years, this study will be replicated in the Netherlands at Leiden University.

Key publications