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Marielle Bruning

Prof. M.R. Bruning, Professor of Children and the Law at Institute of Private Law
Marielle Bruning

Professor Mariëlle Bruning lectures Child Law, Children’s Rights and Juvenile Justice at the Faculty of Law, Leiden University, where she is director of the Child Law Department. She is also director of the LLM Child Law, a new Dutch masters programme designed to provide specialism to those working with and for children in the legal field. She collaborates in projects with several partners, e.g. Defence for Children International-ECPAT in the Children’s Rights House in Leiden, KidsRights and the Children’s Ombudsman and acts as a consultant on various projects concerning Child Law and Children’s Rights. She is a (parttime) juvenile court judge in the district court of Amsterdam. She regularly publishes on various topics in the area of children’s rights and family and juvenile law. She is editor-in-chief of the Dutch Journal of Family and Child law (FJR) and chairs the editorial advice board of children's rights journal Right!.

Key publications