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Mark Klaassen

Mark Klaassen, LL.M, Assistant Professor at Institute of Immigration Law, Leiden Law School
Mark Klaassen

Mark Klaassen is a PhD candidate at the Institute for Immigration Law. He studied Liberal Arts and Sciences at Roosevelt Academy, Political Science at Warwick University and European Law at Leiden University. Both for his Bachelor and LLM degrees he obtained a cum laude distinction. After his studies, he worked for a year as a policy advisor for the Dutch Advisory Committee on Migration Affairs. The topic of his research is the interaction between EU law, human rights law and domestic law in selected member states on the issue of family reunification.

Key publications

  • The Netherlands as the black sheep of the family? How the Dutch response to the Commission’s Green Paper on Family Reunification compares to the reactions of other member states (2012) Klaassen M.A.K. & Søndergaard
  • Kroniek gezinshereniging II. Artikel 8 EVRM (2014) Klaassen M.A.K. & Lodder G.G.
  • Kroniek gezinshereniging I. EU-recht en nationale ontwikkelingen (2014) Klaassen M.A.K. & Lodder G.G.