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Miranda Boone

M.M. Boone, Professor of Criminology at Institute of Criminal Law and Criminilogy
Miranda Boone

Since May 15 2017, Miranda Boone is appointed as a professor of Criminology at Leiden University. Prior to that, she worked as a professor in Penitentiary Law and Penology at the University of Groningen and as a senior lecturer Criminal Law and Criminology at Utrecht University.

As a criminologist and a criminal lawyer, Miranda Boone has conducted research at the interface of criminology and criminal law. She is particularly interested in the decision-making processes with regard to the application of sentences from a social science and normative perspective. She conducted research commissioned by the European Commission, the Research Centre of the Justice Department (WODC) and the probation service. Recently she published a textbook on the relation between criminology and criminal law (Boone, Brants and Kool 2016) and a study on prison climate (Boone, Althoff, Koenraadt 2016). Together with Niamh Maguire she edited a volume on breach processes in Europe that will be published by Routhledge in 2017.