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Monique Koemans

Dr. M.L. Koemans, Former PhD Candidate and Researcher Criminology
Monique Koemans

Monique Koemans worked as a PhD Candidate Criminology and researcher for the Institute for Criminal Law and Criminology until December 2012.

In November 2011, Dr Monique Koemans (1968) received her PhD by successfully defending her dissertation The War on Antisocial behaviour. Rationales underlying antisocial behaviour policies. Comparing British and Dutch discourse analyses.

Dr. Koemans graduated cum laude in 2006, specializing in forensic criminology at Leiden University. In her final paper Moral panic or de-escalation? she discussed the social construction of terrorism. In 1992 she graduated in American history at the same university. Her professional life began as a journalist with the national daily newspaper 'Het Parool'.

In her current research Dr Koemans focuses on the role of the media in constructions of crime, discourse analyses of crime and security policies and terrorism.

Key publications