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Niek Zaman

Prof. Mr. Drs. D.F.M.M. Zaman, Professor Notarial Corporate Law at Department of notarial law and Civil Law Notary and Partner at Loyens & Loeff N.V. and Professor Notarial Corporate Law at Utrecht University
Niek Zaman

Niek F.M.M. Zaman (1955), civil law notary in Rotterdam and Professor in notarial corporate law at the Universities Leiden and Utrecht .

At Loyens & Loeff I am a member of the corporate law practice group and specialising in corporate law and advising national and international large and medium sized enterprises .

I have practised with a German Law firm in Germany (1980) and with an American Law firm (1984).

I am a director of several  public interest organisations. I am a member of the commission of company law which is advising the Minister of Safety and Justice and an author of a large number of publications in the area of corporate law.

I was appointed professor of notarial corporate law at the law faculty of Utrecht in 2006 and at the law faculty of the Leiden University in 2013.

Key publications

  • Nieuwe bepalingen omtrent uitgifte en levering van aandelen op naam (1994) D.F.M.M. Zaman
  • Inaugural speech at the University of Utrecht (a new surrounding for legal forms) (2007) D.F.M.M. Zaman
  • Handbook on national and crossborder mergers and demergers (2009) D.F.M.M. Zaman, G.C. van Eck and E.R. Roelofs
  • Ondernemingsrecht Quo Vadis? (2012) D.F.M.M. Zaman, G.E.H. van der Sangen
  • Governance en bescherming van banken (2014) D.F.M.M. Zaman, G.M. Portier and J. Nijland