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Peggy Bracco Gartner

Mr M.E.J. Bracco Gartner, Lecturer in financial law at Institute of Private Law
Peggy Bracco Gartner

Peggy Bracco Gartner (1966) is a lecturer at the Hazelhoff Centre for Financial Law since April 2017. After completing her lawstudies at Leiden University, Peggy  worked for 25 years in the area of financial regulation and securities law. Her previous employers were the Ministry of Finance, ABN AMRO Bank and the Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM). Peggy also served as a criminal law judge at the Haarlem District Court. 

Key publications

  • Strengere eisen aan provisies onder MiFID II. Tijdschrift voor Compliance (2016) Bracco Gartner, M.E.J.
  • Nieuwe regels voor financiĆ«le markten. Het voorstel van de Europese Commissie voor herziening van de MiFID nader bezien. Tijdschrift voor Financieel Recht (2012) Bracco Gartner, M.E.J., Dinant, J. & Teeboom, P.B.