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Pieter De Tavernier

Dr P.C.J. De Tavernier, Associate Professor of Private Law at Institute for Private Law
Pieter De Tavernier

Pieter De Tavernier's research and teaching relate to issues of domestic (Dutch and Belgian), international, transnational and comparative contract and tort law, as well as topics of insurance law and sports law.

He has been participating in the project 'Children in Tort Law', organised by the European Centre of Tort and Insurance Law. He intensively follows the projects of harmonisation of contract law in the European Union (Draft Common Frame of Reference, Common European Sales Law).

Key publications

  • Le droit commun européen optionnel de la vente. Réaction d'un privatiste du "Plat Pays". Contratto e Impresa/Europa 1/2012, pp. 413-426.(article) (2012) Tavernier, P.C.J., De
  • Naar een Europees Burgerlijk Wetboek? Het Draft Common Frame of Reference. Maandblad voor Vermogensrecht 5/2011 , pp. 121-137. (article) (2011) Tavernier, P.C.J., De & Weide, J.A., van der
  • Children as Victims under Belgian Law. In Martin-Casals, M. (Ed.) Children in Tort Law. Part II: Children as Victims. Wien/New York: Springer, pp. 29-44. (article - proceedings) (2006) Tavernier, P.C.J., De