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Rick Lawson

Prof. dr. Rick Lawson, Professor of European Human Rights Law at Leiden University
Rick Lawson

Rick Lawson is professor of European Law at Leiden University, the Netherlands. He specialises in European human rights law, in particular the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights. A related area of interest is the protection of human rights in the EU legal order. He serves as a senior expert of the FRALEX Network of Human Rights Experts, set up by the EU Fundamental Rights Agency, and as an expert to the Parliamentary Assembly of Council of Europe.

Key publications

  • Extraterritorial Human Rights and the Concept of 'Jurisdiction'. In: Langford M., Vandenhole W., Scheinin M., Genugten W.J.M. van (Eds.) Global Justice, State Duties - The extraterritorial scope of economic, social and cultural rights in international law. New York: Cambridge University Press. 153-191. (boekdeel) (2013) Lawson R.A. & Heijer M. den
  • A Twenty-First-Century Procession of Echternach: The Accession of the EU to the European Convention of Human Rights. In: Dorssemont F., Loercher K., Schoemann I. (Eds.) The European Convention on Human Rights and the Employment Relation. Oxford: Hart Publishing Ltd. 47-59 (2013) Lawson R.A.
  • Wild, wilder, wildst – Over de ruimte die het EVRM laat voor de vervolging van kwetsende politici, in NJCM-Bulletin vol. 33, pp. 469-484 (2008) R.A. Lawson
  • Het EVRM en de Europese Gemeenschappen – Bouwstenen voor een aansprakelijkheidsregime voor het optreden van internationale organi-saties (diss. Leiden) (Kluwer), xxi + 569 pp. (1999) R.A. Lawson
  • Leading Cases of the European Court of Human Rights (Ars Aequi Libri), xl + 788 pp. (1997, 1999) R.A. & H.G. Schermers