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Rikki Holtmaat

Professor Rikki Holtmaat, Professor in International Non-Discrimination Law at European Law, Leiden Law School
Rikki Holtmaat

Rikki (H.M.T.) Holtmaat (1952) is professor at the Europa Institute of Leiden University since 2003. She graduated cum laude in Law at Utrecht University in 1983 and worked as a member of the academic staff of the Dutch Emancipation Council from 1982 -1985. Between 1985 and  2003 she lectured Women & Law at the University of Leiden. She has done a PhD-research (1992) into the gender bias of the system of social insurance and social assistance in the Netherlands. Her publications cover the fields of feminist legal theory, EU equality law, the UN Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and sexual harassment law. She has also written on law and literature. She participated inter alia in the European Forum 1994-1995 on Gender and the Use of Time as a visiting professor (European University Institute, Florence, Italy) and was a visiting professor at the University of Helsinki, Finland (1998). From 1998 until 2006 she mainly worked as a free lance consultant and researcher for national governments, international organisations and non-governmental organisations all over the world. Since 2005, Rikki Holtmaat is a member of the European Commission’s Network of Legal Experts in the Non-Discrimination Field.
Besides being an academic she also writes literary fiction.

Key publications

  • Grenzen aan gelijkheid. (2004) Rikki Holtmaat
  • Towards Different Law and Public Policy; The significance of Article 5a CEDAW for the elimination of structural gender discrimination. (2004) Rikki Holtmaat
  • Women’s Human Rights and Culture; From Deadlock to Dialogue. (2011) Rikki Holtmaat, Jonneke Naber
  • Van Gelijke Behandeling naar Ander Recht. (2011) Rikki Holtmaat
  • CEDAW: A Holistic Approach to Women’s Equality and Freedom. (2013) Rikki Holtmaat
  • Hovering Between Resistance and Compliance or Time to Take a Break from International Law? A Review of ‘Feminist Perspectives on Contemporary International Law’. () Rikki Holtmaat