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Sarah Spronk

MSc S.I. Spronk LL.M., Former PhD Candidate and Lecturer on children’s right to health at Institute for Private Law, department Youth Law
Sarah Spronk
Spronk is specialized in international health and human rights, international health and medical anthropology, all with a focus on children and families. Empowering people is a central part of both her academic and programme-related work to enhance health, protection and well-being.
In her PhD research, Spronk focuses on realizing children’s right to ‘the highest attainable standard of health’. In addition, she is involved in community projects for children in The Hague, integrating sports activities, health assessments and children’s rights training.
Spronk obtained an MSc in Medical Anthropology and Public Health (Leiden University, 2009) and an LL.M in International Law (Leiden University, 2007).

Spronks inspiration

Children's rights are a relatively young area in the law practice. As a result, many areas in both the national and the international child and youth sector can be discerned wherein developments are strongly needed, such as the (legal) support for children suffering from maltreatment, refugee children, child soldiers, sick children, orphans and juveniles. Whereas many of these children are vulnerable, I find a great motivation in their resilience and creativity to improve their living conditions. The right to participation of children is one of the main pillars of the United Nations Children's Rights Convention. Its aim is to give children an active role in all matters affecting them, such as decisions on medical treatments, custody, protection measures and many others. I believe the fulfillment of this right can help to strenghten the position of children and help develop their potential. My goal is to support children in developing their capacities, simultaneously learning from their experiences.

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