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Timothy Roes

Timothy Roes, Assistant Professor of EU Law at Leiden University
Timothy Roes

Timothy Roes is an Assistant Professor at Leiden Law School’s  Europa Institute. He studied law at the University of Antwerp and the Catholic University of Leuven and has an  LLM degree from NYU. He was a B.A.E.F. Fellow and an Emile Noël Fellow at NYU and a stagiaire at the chambers of the (then) Vice-President of the Court of Justice of the European Union, Koen Lenaerts.

Roes’ research focuses on the structural principles of EU law, the interaction between legal orders and the law of the external relations of the EU. He wrote his dissertation on the role and limits of EU Member States’ duty of loyalty.

Key publications

  • Limits to Loyalty: the Relevance of Article 4(3) TEU, Cahiers de droit europĂ©en, 1, 253-284. (2016) T. Roes
  • EU Loyalty as Good Faith, 64 International and Comparative Law Quarterly 4, 829-874 (2015) T. Roes, G. De Baere
  • Federalism, State Cooperation and Compliance with International Commitments in E. Fahey (ed.), Institutionalisation beyond the Nation State (Springer) (2018) T. Roes