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Valentin Vandendaele

V.E.P. Vandendaele LL.M., Lecturer and Researcher in European Law at Institute of Public Law
Valentin Vandendaele

Valentin E. P. Vandendaele (1993) is a Teaching/Research Staff Member of the Europa Institute at Leiden Law School.

Vandendaele graduated from the Faculty of Law at the KU Leuven. He also studied at the Faculty of Law of the Université catholique de Louvain within the framework of the Erasmus Belgica Program. He obtained an LL.M. at Harvard Law School as well. During his studies, Vandendaele received the Harvard Law School Boas Scholarship. He got another grant from Harvard Law School as part of the Summer Academic Fellowship Program.

His research interests are Institutional Public Law and, more precisely, European Institutional Law.

Key publications

  • Pick on Someone Your Own Size: Eradicating Partisan Bias with District Shapes Based on Previous Voting Behavior, CONN. PUB. INT. L.J. (2018 forthcoming) Vandendaele, V.E.P.
  • Unieburgerschap, in Maarten Aalbers, Valentin E. P. Vandendaele, Melanie Fink and Kristof C. N. Gombeer, Europees recht, KWARTAALSIGNAAL (2017 forthcoming) Vandendaele, V.E.P.