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Vestert Borger

V. Borger LLM, PhD candidate at Institute for Public Law
Vestert Borger

Vestert Borger LL.M. has been working for the Europe Insititute of Leiden University since October 2010. As of January 2011 Vestert is working as a PhD-candidate. His research is focused on the regulation of the Economic and Monetary Union and the euro crisis.

Vestert studied Dutch and European law at the European Law School of Maastricht University. He obtained both his bachelor and his master cum laude (GPA: 9.4/10). He was also awarded a prize for belonging to the top 3 students of his first year. Furthermore, he participated in the Honours-programme of the law faculty. In 2009 Vestert did an internship at the department of European law of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During this internship he assisted legal counsels of the Dutch government in litigation before the European Court of Justice.
In his research Vestert studies the legal implications of the current eurocrisis and the meaning of this crisis for the development of the Economic and Monetary Union. In this regard, he examines in particular to what extent the current EU legal order is able to accommodate the reforms that currently take place and to what extent these reforms remedy the legal shortcomings that have been exposed by the crisis. Vestert places his research within the broader context of the development of the EU legal order and the European integration process.

Key publications

  • Het Verdrag inzake Stabiliteit, Co√∂rdinatie en Bestuur in de Economische en Monetaire Unie: de juridische en constitutionele complicaties van de eurocrisis. (2012) Borger, V.
  • Ruiz Zambrano: Hoe Europees Burgerschap zijn Schaduw in de Tijd Vooruit Werpt (2012) Borger, V.
  • De eurocrisis als katalysator voor het Europese noodfonds en het toekomstig permanent stabilisatiemechanisme (2011) Borger, V.